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ESP Wall Furring Bar

ESP Wall Furring Bar

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ESP Wall Furring Bar


A galvanized mild steel section which provides an improved acoustic performance between floors when fixed to the underside of timber joists. Generally fixed at 400mm centres dependent on the specifics of the plasterboard.  Available in only 3000mm lengths. Designed to be used were a RSD installation is specified. Tested to offer in excess of the required performance of RSD. Manufactured to British Standards BS 7364 and EN 14195.


Product NameStock CodeLength (mm)
ESP EF 10 12 x 50 x 12 x 0.55Special2260
ESP EF 10 12 x 50 x 12 x 0.5515905052402400
ESP EF 10 12 x 50 x 12 x 0.55Special2800
ESP EF 10 12 x 50 x 12 x 0.5515905053003000